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    Thursday, August 6, 2009

    Freed American Journalists - A Source of Happiness Share

    CNN's breaking news last night at around 9PM moved me to tears as Laura Ling and Euna Lee reunites with their families in a full-news-coverage, tear-filled airport reunion that was "a source of happiness" (Obama, as cited by Klustout via Twitter) for the nation and perhaps, even the world.

    As the two American journalists, who were working for Al-Gore's Current TV channel, fell into the embraces of their loved ones, the harsh possibilities that they might have to work in North Korea's labor camp for 12 years finally dissipated. This remarkable feat of freeing the inhuman imprisonment of the two journalists on March 17th and who were later charged with illegal crossing into North Korea at the China-North Korean border; and suspicions of spying on June 8th, was made possible by a rescue-mission dispatched by the Obama camp and led by former President Bill Clinton. The negotiation between Clinton and North Korea's "Dear Leader" Kim Jong II apparently lasted for 20 hours, as reported by media sources, after Clinton landed in Pyongyang on August 4th for a "surprise visit".

    I have not followed this story in detail, but I have heard of its development over the months. It was probably ignorant on my part, back then, to think and question why wasn't the US government doing anything to free them. Now, knowing Clinton and camp were amongst those on the forefront of the release efforts, it only strengthens my reasons why I still idolizes Clinton and Al Gore.

    Some have speculated that the two journalists were never in real danger in the hands of North Korea's tyrant leader. That they (the journalists) were merely "bargaining chips" in a "high stakes poker game" (source: Meek, NY Daily News) in Kim's attempt to seek political pardon and diplomatic solution, following North Korea's much opposed nuclear weapons implementation.

    In whatsoever the real issue behind the imprisonment was, nothing would have compared in horror to the ordeal through which Laura and Euna endured during their 5-month captivity. Now, safely back at home and reunited with their families, nothing is more important than that, and whatever Clinton bargained with Kim in Pyongyang just a few days ago, I just hope it doesn't come at the expense of other people and matters.

    I don't think the US needs to sit down at another table of
    "high-stakes poker game" with the North Koreans and gambles another human life or two, be it Americans or Koreans, as "bargaining chips".

    News sources and photos courtesy of the NYDailyNews.com
    © 2009 Daily News, and Kristie Lu Stout's twitter.


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