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    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    Dear God's Gifts... Share

    Day 1 (12th October 2009)

    Dear God's Gifts,

    Today, Mom brought you home and I was so excited when I looked at you three. Mom said if you were to be left out there, maybe you wouldn't survive. Nobody would have taken care of you.

    But now that you are here, I will take care of you.

    I will feed you, I will clean you, I will hold you close to my heart and I will love you every single day.

    I'm sorry if the milk wasn't warm enough,
    I'm sorry if I held you too tight.
    But it's okay if you scratched me,
    And it's okay if you pee-ed on my hand.

    I hope you see how happy I am of you,
    And I hope you see the smile I smiled,
    Everytime I feed you,
    And everytime I hold you in the palm of my hand.

    They say not all of you will likely survive,
    That even with the greatest of care,
    And the greatest of love,
    Can help you survive.

    So I pray to God every night before I close my eyes,
    And after I've tucked you in all warm & comfy,
    That you will be strong and give me a chance to love you another day.

    Darlings, I am so proud of you today.

    Day 2 (13th October 2009)

    Dear God's Gifts,

    It is so nice to see that you've grown a bit and drinking a lot more milk today.

    It is even nicer to see that you love to climb onto my palm and cuddle so calmly everytime I try to feed you. To look at your tiny face, so cute and cuddly, you know you make me very happy.

    But I'm worried about one of you. You're so small than the rest and you're not drinking as much as the others.

    Yesterday, you were okay. Today, you're looking a little bit weak. I really hope you'll get better soon. It breaks my heart to see you like that.

    Tonight, I pray for you three, and hoped for another day to love you.

    But darlings, I'm so proud of you today.

    Day 3 (14th October 2009)

    Dear God's Gift,

    Today I woke up with a dread in my heart. My tiny little one, you have become so weak.

    You still would climb onto my palm and cuddle so calmly. But why aren't you drinking. I have loved and cared for you as much as I have the others. So please don't break my heart today.

    Tonight as I lay sleeping, I  prayed to God to give me a chance to hold you in my palm another day, to care for you another day, to love you another day.

    But Tiny, I am so proud of you today.


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