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    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Help My Imagination Out Share

    I know this one's old news but I just had to post this here. It's not everyday my comments get featured on Brunei's Number 2 Best Photo Blogs.
    It is probably safe to say who wouldn't know Jan Shim. For years he has dazzled us with some of the most awe-inspiring, makes-you-want-to-buy-a-dSLR kind of pictures. In one way or the other, you have stumbled upon his work of photo-art through your regular purchase of Easi recharge cards, corporate ads, magazine covers (BiG) and the Brunei Times, amongst many other mediums.

    Jan's photoblog, Shimworld not only offers you a gallery of incredible pictures to marvel at, but the best thing about Jan's photos, to me, is that they tell a story. Jan isn't content with just clicking away at a few pictures and then post them on his blog without some sort of a storyline just for the sake of showing how dSLR-savvy he can be with his camera and the paraphernalia.

    Personally, this is what attracts me to a beautiful photo, something that tells a story. A beautiful photo without a story is just that - a beautiful photo. You may argue that art is objective and that beauty is relative and even inject the cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words.

    A universal philosophy - I do not contest this.

    But a little caption to it or even a short, exclusive title offers viewers a little insight to what the photographer was thinking when the picture was taken. For me, that is how I would take on when I see a beautiful photo because without so much of title I wouldn't know what the photographer was trying to encapture when he/she took the picture.

    Yes, a picture does say a thousand words...but a picture with a little story (caption)o
    r a title, a sort of cohesive narrative, helps you understand the emotions, the motives, the passion of the composition.

    Oh, I've digressed.

    A critique to budding (hopeful) photographers, you may say, but I do not wish to critilyze negatively, only share how I appreciate art (and photography). Maybe this is just false modesty, but I know you probably don't completely agree with me. After all, there's that cliche again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Okey, I'll stop with the cliches...Below's a little "giggle-bite" you might enjoy:


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