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    - Oscar Wilde

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009

    Friends and Friends-of-Friends on Facebook Share

    My little sister recently asked me how many friends have I got in my Facebook account?

    me: Just a little under 300...why you asked?

    lil sis: ..kwn ku ada dalam (..my friend has about...) 700 over...

    My little sister, being a newly-instated-teenager at 12 years of age, I understand the "coolness" of having 700-and-counting friends may seem to her, to solidify your standings as one of the "popular" kids in school.

    I may try to put rhyme or reason as to why I only have less than 300 friends (on Facebook). Here's a list of it:

    1. I'm still new to Facebook. I just started Facebooking last year...give me time to find my friends, okay?

    2. I always reject friend requests because I don't consider them as "Friends".

    3. Nobody wants to be my friend, I guess...

    I mean, I could stretch the list if I wanted to.

    But you see, while Facebook really does help you "bridge" connections with long-lost friends and the highly-addictive wall status lets you post something that screams attention, the intention of finding friends and friends-of-friends to add to the number is, to me, hopelessly a waste of my precious time.

    Surely I don't need to have 697 friends to show for, especially when 567 of them, I don't even know by their real names, sadly even, haven't ever met at all.

    After all, I don't want to have to greet and post something on the walls of 697 friends on their birthdays...what kind of Facebook friend would I be, then?


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