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    Thursday, July 2, 2009

    Financial Vows...To Try & Stick With Share

    In light of my recent brush with a financial hiccup, I've made myself a list of 10 financial decisions that I plan to stick to when the cash start rolling in soon. I sure don't want to put myself in that similar situation I was in just weeks ago. I balled my eyes from crying too much for a week.

    Within the 5 years of securing a job, I vow to try (emphasis on the "try") and stick to the 10 Financial Decisions. They aren't in a particular order, so I'd take it any other way.

    I will not...:

    1. Take out a car loan on my future classy Champagne/Sleek Black Touareg R50.

    2. (if I do get a loan on the Touareg) Start making the car workshop a favorite to-go-to-place to "pimp my ride" with rotating thingys on the wheels spinning rims and chrome stylings.

    3. Go out on an impulse to buy myself a high-tech but user-friendly dSLR/SLR NIKON camera (read: NIKON - I don't do other brands).
    Apparently, from a recent mini-epiphany, I realized I'm not into photography - instead digital art & canvas art tickles my fancy.

    To one day, do a quick browse of my wardrobe and "inadvertently" justify getting a complete wardrobe collection update.

    5. Scrap my now-going-archaic Clevo laptop and take (another!) loan on a brand new Apple iMac in White.

    6. Spend too much on decorating and re-decorating my still-wonderful-royal-purple-wall room with upgrades on furniture, art decos and the likes.

    7. Hop on a plane to Rome/Prague/New Zealand/Galapagos anytime soon.

    8. Dote on my little sister Maya and shower her with her A-Z list of things that she asks for.

    9. Be an Imelda and splurge on stacks of new shoe collection and getting that very special pair of Louboutin shoe.

    10. Be duped by some bank personnel into getting a Mastercard to "enjoy personalized financial rewards" - be it Standard, Gold or Platinum.

    * * * * *

    There! That's quite a list and for me to able to stick to that is an amazing feat all by itself.

    I just realized, too, I think I just described my Wishlist... (...heart's palpitating, 2nd thoughts..mmm maybe that wasn't a good idea...)


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