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    - Oscar Wilde

    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    The Ultimate Foodie Bloggers Challenge Share

    Calling all self-made chefs looking for enthusiastic food-lovers to taste your delicacies, the Ultimate Foodie Bloggers Challenge IS the thing for you.

    Contrary to the name, you don't have to be a blogger to join the challenge. As long as you've got a recipe to submit and a dish to share at the event. Oh, and a big appetite!

    Aside from enjoying good food and drinks, a benefit you will definitely enjoy knowing is that your recipe and those of others will be compiled into a recipe book, which will be on sale during the Special Olympics Carnival on May 3rd, of which all proceeds will go to Special Olympics Brunei Darussalam Fund. (I think you'll get a book for free although I'm not really sure about that.)

    Have I got your fingers twitching to whip up something yummy? Just RSVP to the event here (and for more information) and send your recipe to foodiebloggers@gmail.com before the 22nd19th of April 2009. brought forward to make layout editing easier now that they can have pictures of your dishes included...


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