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    - Oscar Wilde

    Thursday, September 9, 2010

    Save and You Shall Have! Share

    When you save money, you will get what you want.

    So I recently made quite a pricey purchase for an everyday necessity. It wasn't on a wimp. I actually did save up to get it. And let's just say it was totally worth the wait (and saving).

    Just shy of 1K, a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 became mine.

    Dubbed Lexie (as in short for Galaxy), it made me feel pretty much up-to-date with the whole touch-screen technology that's been whirling in the mobile industry. This is a big thing for me since I've never been much of tech-savvy, must-have-latest-technology type of person.

    No, it isn't an iPhone 4, which I initially thought of buying. But it is as much like the iPhone 4 - just under a different name and make. So far, it hasn't disappoint me. What it lacks, I'm not really bothered. You can't be too choosy with these things.

    The iPhone 4 can wait. And I'm guessing it wouldn't be a long wait since it'll probably come in a basket decorated with flowers and ribbons, delivered to my home as a gift on one very special day for me...=D

    For now, Lexie's my baby!


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