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    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Gawai Lunch Party 7th June '09 Share

    I'm officially exhausted from this week's activities - please just let me snuggle up into my wonderful bed and plushy pillows for at least this weekend, eh...

    I'm not really a social person or one who goes out for leisure much (unless it's a vacation), so you must forgive my rantings for now. Sorry, too for not updating the blog recently.

    Anyways, I promised that I'll post something about the Gawai Lunch Party my family and I hosted few weekends ago. There isn't much to blog about actually because I was on my feet most of the time, not to entertain the guests but to do things like refilling the buffet table, picking up used plates and glasses, as well as the occasional bar-tending to serve tuak. Thanks to a couple of borrowed amahs, I didn't have to do the washing up.

    Since it was school day the next day (party was on Sunday), we decided to make it as a Gawai Lunch, instead of the usual late afternoon/dinner session. So basically it
    was to be from lunch time till about 6pm, although some guests did stay till over 9pm for karaoke-ing and more booze.

    The first two hours of the lunch wa
    s pretty quiet and slow, which was reserved for neighbors and colleagues of my parents. A long-time family friend and a lecturer to both my father and I, Alan Chamberlain, also came by, which was a highlight for me since he and his family will be going back to Australia soon. A glass of tuak and a couple (or three) of Heinekin, Alan is still good to go - driving, that is.

    At around 3pm, things got pretty hectic as relatives from Tutong arrived, and I don't think I ever sat d
    own to rest for at least 2 hours after that time. It was probably bad-hosting for my part, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves, nevertheless. And besides, the Ethnic Room pretty much did its function to entertain guests who stowed themselves away back there to a session of karaoke and booze at the bar.

    As much as I would like to invite as many of my friends to the party then, I think I was glad I didn't because there was no way I could entertain them all. Heck, I even left my boyfriend alone for quite some time because I was so busy - bless him for being so understanding and patient. A few of my good friends did come and I let myself to rest just to be with them for a while.Besides the karaoke, booze, buffet table and the occasional clown making a raucous, the other highlight of the party was the part when I MC-ed the free Easi game, which was an idea I borrowed from during Cahaya's birthday party. What a response you'll get from people when you wave a free $5 Easi recharge card in front of them. It was kind of funny to see the guests all huddled up around me with the handphones ready and *103* already typed in - I felt like the world was mine and I control these people (okey, dramatic much). We had 6 $5 Easi cards and one grand prize worth $10 Easi up for grabs.
    And thank you to all those who adored what I was wearing that day. Initially, I was supposed to wear the traditional Iban maiden costume with the headdress and what-nots. But somehow, we couldn't find the complete set in our stash of stuff in the trunks. So basically I had to make do with what I can find.

    After the last guests left at around 9pm, it was mixed feelings for me - glad that the day is finally over, frustrated with the cleaning up after that. I've always hated that part of the after-party because it would always only be me, mum and daddy doing the cleaning up. I think I'm not so much upset about the cleaning up, I'm just annoyed by how "some people" just don't think to help out at least a little just because they've got school the next day.

    Nevertheless, all was still good. Family functions like these are always fun to have. In fact, I'm thinking of having a birthday party because I haven't had one for ages. Who should I invite, though? What if I hosted another free Easi recharge game again, would anyone volunteer to come? Haha...

    Anyways, for more pictures of the party, you can go here or here. There's another one here, but I wouldn't recommend it because there's too many photos of Bom-Bom. Haha!

    P/S: Easi recharge cards sponsored by Madart & me!


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