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    - Oscar Wilde

    Monday, May 4, 2009

    I ♥ Mondays Share

    Another Monday, another outing, another quality time with boyfriend - I ♥ Mondays!

    Our day actually started real early in the morning with boyfriend driving down to KB from Kota Batu at the break of dawn while I whipped up a decent breakfast-to-go for us both. We had planned to go fishing on the waterfront at Kpg. Melayu Asli in KB but not 5 minutes into casting our lines, dark clouds loomed above us, promising heavy rains and thunder.

    So, Plan B was in placed - we headed up to Bandar to try our luck at Tungku Beach. It was a perfect day - t'wasn't that hot and it was windy. Below are few pictures of our day at the beach...

    Partial view of the Empire Hotel & Country Club

    The jagged rocks getting a beating from the rough waves

    Iguana, perhaps?

    Boyfriend's fave past-time

    Enjoying the day & each other...=)

    Patiently waiting...

    After two hours or so, we got nothing although our baits kept losing parts of their body - so something must have been nibbling but didn't get hooked. Anywho, we let go of the rest of the live bait with a throw into the water. Better luck next time then.

    In other news, we went furniture hunting for a dressing table at Thomson Furniture. I needed a new one for my room because my old one was, well...let's just say it wasn't in theme with the rest. Okay, so that's a lame reason but whatever. Besides, there was a sale, plus I got a new hanging lamp FREE OF CHARGE as part of the promotion. 

    ♥ Mondays because I  get to spend it with you...


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