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    - Oscar Wilde

    Monday, June 2, 2008

    It Takes Two Share

    Infidelity – a topic well too familiar yet one that can never invite honest or even absolute solutions despite years of its existence (if you can call it that). And it seems too easy to always want to blame the third party, so we do it. We blame that third person for everything. Maybe so.

    A friend recently confessed that things aren’t so rosy between her and her man because of a third person in the picture. After all things explained and what-not, she said that her man was not to blame. It begged the question, “Why (blame) her only?”

    Have we become so naïve, so desperate enough to not see that it takes two; that our men, when caught in situations as such, are just as accountable to the (mis)deeds as that of the 3rd person? Are we so willing to let a deceptive boyfriend stay by our side just to show the 3rd person that they have not won?

    Regardless of whether we are willing to turn a blind eye and accept the caught-cheating boyfriend back or not, I’m not sure justice is done if we just point our fingers at that third person completely. It is not to say that I advocate acts of infidelity or should my man ever cheats on me, I’m not going to blame it on the other girl – I am inclined to do so (blame the other girl). But I’d also be inclined to point my finger at my man.

    The point to this is that if you are going to blame somebody, don’t cut your man off some slack. So don’t listen to your girlfriends trying to convince you that the other girl is to be blamed wholeheartedly and believe that he was not the one who started it. A cheating boyfriend and another girl is just what it is – two people slapping you in the face. Might as well slap them BOTH back.


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