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    Friday, August 6, 2010

    It's Lomo, baby! Share

    I love how my Lomo always gets people talking. I love it even more when I see the puzzled look on people's faces when I pull a lever to take a photo and rotate a winder after that..

    Lomo's not for everyone. If you're so used with being in control of all the settings such as ones on a dSLR, then a lomo will only offer you so little. Which is why I love it so much - I'm not one for dealing with too many knobs and levers, it boggles my mind.

    As for picture-taking, expect "happy little accidents" with a lomo.

    No, you won't find a screen to look at a picture after you've released the shutter. You can't delete a picture if you find that it's too blurry or too washed-out. The great thing about shooting with a lomo is that you develop a sense of appreciation about the art of taking photos because you haven't the slightest idea how a picture will come out until you've taken them to the film lab. No photo becomes an option - an option to delete or digitally edit. They are as they come.

    With that said, photography with a lomo is also about freedom in the art of. Why peek into the viewfinder when you can shoot from the hips with a lomo?

    In a world where focused image and optimum lighting take a back stand, this little plastic camera allows one to be free of rules and conventions, to take only of happy memories and not worry about ISO and focal points and what-nots.

    Ever since I've got my hands on a Diana F+, people's responses towards it have been amazing - when they see it, they want to ask about it and talk about photography. It makes them want to talk about what taking pictures meant like in the old days when no one's worried about what lens range or flash packs they've got.

    The best thing about having a Diana F+, personally, I don't have to pretend that I'm a professional - or even an amateur for that matter.

    I merely like taking pictures of moments in life. I'm not worried about working my way up to the experts.

    So far, there aren't many shutter-happy "lomo-graphers" in Brunei, as yet. But I'm hopeful the vintage, retro-style toy camera will make its way into the local craze someday.

    Who knows? The glory days of 35mm films will make a comeback and Konica'd be able to pick up sales once more. =D

    So..when you do feel like going vintage once in a while, grab a lomo and start shooting. You can read here for tips, or as they called it, the 10 Golden Rules, then break the rules or however you want to. Don't think and just shoot!

    Happy lomo-ing!


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