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    Sunday, November 9, 2008

    Excapade Double Date Share

    Wednesday, October 29th, 8pm

    It was one of those rare evenings when my boyfriend and I got together with one of our closest friends (whom are also a couple) to enjoy one of the things we love doing --- eat!

    Hazimin & E-Cha

    Q-lah & Sam

    Feeling the need for something (slightly) raw, we hit Excapade Gadong for some sushi platters – nothing too fancy, easy on the stomach but none of the familiar, daily dishes.

    Excapade was packed even on a Wednesday night (must have been “pay” day) and we were left unattended for what, maybe, a full 15-30 minutes. But we weren’t entirely annoyed because we had our “digital” toys to play around with while the waiters and waitresses whizzed past us with colored dishes of raw delicacies on trays over our heads.

    aah padas...wasabi ke idung

    Sam's digital "toy"

    When we finally did place our orders it was nearing 9pm. It was…

    “One layer sushi…”


    apa tu ah…baby sutung kh?”

    “Baby octopus lahhh…

    “Eh mau lobsta..lobsta ah…kamu mau lobstar..bah lobstar aaa,”

    “I want, I want…I want the ice-cream yg kana gore-,”

    “?!Ice-cream goreng?!”

    So it was that way and poor the waitress that was taking our orders down whom we annoy with our oh-so-(un)cultured ways. Imagine what’ll happen when we start “chop-sticking” our food down...oh the drama of it all!

    Macam kenal..tapi di mana ah?

    We sent our waitress away with our orders and began fumbling with the digital/SLR cameras again and clicking away, much to our table neighbors’ annoyance. After much poses, one of the waiters came up to us and told us the $15-lobster dish we ordered (the cheapest of it) was not available. He offered the $40-lobster dish, and subsequently the four of us exchanged glances until good-ol’-anything Sam quipped, “Manaja kamu…”

    So, the $40-lobster dish it was. Away with that, you sushi-man.

    *click click*

    “wah…lawa lawa…” giggle-giggle, snicker-snicker

    *click click* *click click*

    Octus & Weeds...

    no no no Sam (shakes head)...we eat that... not place that on our eyes

    Q-lah: Cani makan nya bah syg...
    Sam: aah eksen...abis ni ulih nya...

    Our grand finale dish was the $40-lobster which by the time it came we were already full up to our necks but we managed to finish it with the help of our "vacuum" (Q-lah...heheh).

    sorry lobster..but you're too good to resist...

    Lest, we couldn't take another look at the sight of sushi, the possibilities of seeing what we "downed" a few minutes ago could very well end up right back up. Whilst letting t he body do its work with the food, Sam in all his excitement quipped, "Dim-sum next week!"

    aaiii...tangan sapa kan ni tabam ah?

    wah lawanya...cincin!

    "Lets!"...but keep that for next week...


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